on paper

Fabscarte wallpapers are entirely handmade in our studio in Milano. Their sizes are different and can be customized to suit any environment and personal need.


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Tender Flora

In TENDER FLORA white flowers come to the surface in a faintly whispered dialogue with moving shapes ispired by Neo-Orientalism and calligrafy. Hand painted on paper with stucco finishing.

Concept and design: studio Mamo.




Mostro Nostro 1

Distortions and deformations of something known, can lead to something unknown. n collaboration with Studio Blanco.




Rose Scented Mirage

A rose perfume brought by the wind, the promise of a faraway garden. In collaboration with Martyn Thompson.




Midnight Moon Dust

Inspired by the mysterious moon surface, made by lights and shadows. In collaboration with Martyn Thompson.





The memory of the landscape around Milano, its sweetness and dreamy tones.




Ginko bianco

The beauty of gingko leaves can be found in this texture’s light elegance.





Inspired by Paul Klee, this texture recalls musical movements.




Trama nera

Papers as a cloth, graphics as an unraveled weft.



Ginko giallo

The beauty of autumn gingko leaves is shown in the light elegance of this texture.





Cells, pulses, synapses. Transparencies that remind us of the infinite frailty of the universe.





Flashes of light from the deep space.





Nature amazes us with the graphic modernity of fossils.




Japan 1871. Hand paintings on rice paper.





The mild reflex of mirrors, the wonderful way they have to enhance with time.





A tribute to nature: to the light seeping through the leaves on the trees, to the wind that moves them.




Cactus nero

The shape of this plant, with leaves that become thorns, is recast as an abstract obscurity.




Ancient Africa textiles are recast in a modern and essential pattern.




Cactus bianco

The shape of this plant, with leaves that become thorns, is recast as an abstract brightness.





Landscape with dunes in movement, the wish to freeze them in a touch.




Albero rosa

A gift to nature, to the light filtering through the tree and the wind moving them.





Lightness and femininity.





World’s fragments.





Transparencies, evanescent enthusiasm.