Unique Italian Wallpaper

Fabscarte is a Milanese atelier of excellence.

We conceive, create and compose handmade wallpaper and designs, reinterpretating centuries of Italian decorative art,

using ancient techniques and contemporary images.

The result is a product of excellent quality, which is both unique and exclusive.

The world of Fabscarte

We believe in the pictorial talent of Italian art, which has always been at the centre of culture and beauty in the world.

We believe in the value of time. In nature everything has a precise moment in place and time.

We believe in the attention to detail and the pursuit of perfection.

FABSCARTE MilanoDesignWeek2018-ph.monica spezia-18


A timeless collection of refined wallpapers, unique in their design and texture.

Wall Lamp

Design lamps that create special evocative lighting effects. Made with decorated and textured paper.


The Frameworks are created with the same technique as our wallpapers and represent a unique artistic vision, which embellish the location where they are exhibited.



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