The world of Fabscarte

Between innovation and tradition

Fabscarte is an Italian company, working on an international scale, which has been on the Milanese scene since 2012.


Leading with nearly three decades of experience, Luigi Scarabelli and Emilio Brazzolotto along with a group of young craftsmen, gave life to Fabscarte, a Milanese brand of artisanal excellence. It is a workshop of hand painted works on paper characterized by experimentation of techniques and materials.


The Fabscarte team is constantly inspired by nature and art, blending matter, touch, and color in an original way, to offer a new lexicon to interior design. Fabscarte prides itself on preserving and reinterpreting an illustrious artistic legacy from bygone centuries.


The result is an exclusive collection of wallpapers that evoke the rich art of Italian tradition, enlivened by contemporary appeal and innovative aesthetics.

Foto di Luigi Scarabelli e Emilio Brazzolotto | Fabscarte | Unique Italian Wallcovering

A new aesthetic experience

In Fabscarte we preserve and reinterpret the artistic heritage, which has been admired and celebrated in our country throughout the centuries. Creating unique wallpapers that narrate a story using charisma and contemporary aesthetics.

Our mission is to transmit beauty with our hand-made creations, designed to be touched, captivating the senses in a new aesthetic experience.

An hand-drawn excellence

The high quality that distinguishes our work is the result of the obsessive search for perfection, culminating in the passion that we put in to every stage of the production of our audacious creativity, while avoiding passing trends. 

Fabscarte means choosing unique works of art based on culture, beauty and workmanship.

Foto creazione carta da parati Cactus Bianco | Fabscarte | Unique Italian Wallcovering