Fabscarte debuts at Alcova for Milan Design Week 2023

“Real craftsmanship is a continuous process. It’s about moving a venerated art form along the creative continuum – experimentally and completely by hand.” Luigi Scarabelli, Fabscarte.

Genius never happens all at once, and through continuous dialogue and exchange, a world of magic unfolds. An encore of a duet between Fabscarte and Martyn Thompson now takes us into the blushing crimsons of a sunset speckled with illuminating stardust – an invitation to immerse in a dream inspirited by nature and classicism.

This Milan Design Week, Stardust Sunset debuts at Alcova. Through layers of matter, it evokes the lunar surface and its romantic colors that here from earth, we perceive in red and bronze tones. A celebration of the moon, its dawn and the poignant sunsets that come as earth dances around it. A wallpaper with a complex texture where the three-dimensionality of the surface is rendered with copper and bronze powder that accentuates the deeper surfaces. Silvery reflections and metallic patinas complete the artisanal poetry. Each process is made by hand, on the support of paper and applied materials. Colours and reflections of light that trace atmospheric refractions.

This second collaboration between the artisanal wallpaper workshop Fabscarte with internationally renowned photographer and artist Martyn Thompson is an evolution of a relationship that began in 2017. Known for his romantic and fascinating imagination and the ability to transform small detail into beautiful patterns, Fabscarte and Martyn Thompson first created Midnight Moon Dust and Rose Scented Mirage, two wallpapers reminiscent of an evocative game of colors that debut six years ago.

This year, the duet continues and reflects Fabscarte’s expertise and acuteness for a flair that elevates wallpaper art. Creating real works on paper entirely hand-painted, inspired by the world of art and nature, that develop scenarios capable of merging matter, color and techniques with three-dimensional effects on the surface. The careful craftsmanship in all stages of processing, from the preparation of the bases to the application of the texture and the relief of the decorations, allows a convergence with artists of diverse mediums, united only by the desire to experiment with techniques of high Italian craftsmanship.


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