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Fabscarte presents the new Wallpaper: “Skov”

Discovery and wonder, the curiosity and knowledge of a real and imaginary ecosystem. And your room becomes an enchanted forest. The new SKOV wallpaper, in collaboration with Danish illustrator and designer Maria Nielsen, is a representation of a forest. “Skov” in Danish Ianguage means forest, and the idea of representing the different levels of nature comes from the desire to show the layering and richness of life, with plants and animals building dens under the ground.

The wallpaper finds inspiration from Maurice Sendak’s picture book “In the Land of Monsters” (1963); the desire to represent the childhood forest of designer Maria Nielsen through an imaginary and figurative fascination that brings nature inside our homes. Embossed papers and stuccoes that make the paper three-dimensional and alive and create multiple tactile effects.

Consistent with the “cheerful and joyful” design, the technique was also inspired by the world of fairy tales, using pastels and wax crayons and delicate colors that evoke a relaxing and welcoming magical nature.

To present the new wallpaper, we organized, in collaboration with the Order of Architects, in our atelier in via Foppa 50/A in Milan, a workshop to show some techniques of handmade papermaking and decoration.

This will be followed by a great aperitif in collaboration with the Marcello Marchesini winery.

A wonderful opportunity to show the manufacturing art that characterizes our atelier on the international scene.

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