The Perfect Color Ivory

What do we mean by perfect color Ivory?

In antiquity, perfect Ivory was used in palace rooms to complement figurative paintings and various decorations. Perfect Ivory is composed of a white base and the right proportion of the three Primary Colors: blue, red, and yellow. By “right proportion,” we mean that none of the three primary colors should prevail. The resulting Ivory can range from very dark to much lighter. Pairing this ivory with any other color will maintain, for our eye, a perception of absolute neutrality, preventing any adjacent color from approaching its complementary one.

It’s beautiful to think that nature, even through our visual perception, tends to maintain its harmonic unity in the right proportion of the elements that compose it: white, blue, red, and yellow.

Fabscarte, with many years of experience in classical painting and wall decoration, now creates hand-painted colors for our handmade wallpapers. We preserve and reinterpret an artistic heritage admired and celebrated throughout the centuries of Italy’s history, giving life to unique wallpapers that narrate tradition with contemporary charm and aesthetics.

Our mission is to spread beauty through handcrafted works, designed to be touched and capable of engaging the senses in a new aesthetic experience.


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