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Vietato l’ingresso – Primo Camerino Teatro Arcimboldi

“Il Primo camerino” is the spearhead of the unprecedented “Vietato l’Ingresso” project, curated by Giulia Pellegrino, the result of the synergistic embrace between theater and design, where Italian design has succeeded in telling the soul of great artists in the smallest details.

Signed by Calvi Ceschia Viganò Associati, the restyling enjoys the artistic advice of

Arturo Brachetti and the collaboration of Fabscarte and over twenty prestigious interior design brands that have given the city of Milan a new aesthetic experience.

The excellence of design and entertainment have come together for an unprecedented cultural operation and to give a new soul to those magical places where artists and stars of national and international show business of the caliber of Roberto Bolle, David Parsons, Ludovico Einaudi, Paolo Conte, Bob Dylan, Sting, Elton John to many others, bring their art to the stage daily. 

FABSCARTE is proud to pay tribute to the theater and the prestigious Finger’s restaurant signed Roberto Okabe with an art installation, created in collaboration with international designer Martyn Thompson,  that evokes the lunar surface and its depths with scenic lighting effects. Midnight Moon Dust is the wallpaper that contributes to the beauty and poetry of the bright TAM foyer.

It is a hand-painted wallcover worked with copper and coffee powders that make it three-dimensional by highlighting the deepest areas of the lunar surface illuminated by silvery reflections and metallic patinas. 

As with all Fabscarte works each process was done by hand, on paper backing and applied materials.


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